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Year of SHADOWRUN coming up!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 1:24 AM
As the SHADOWRUN fans "may" have noticed, there are some very big things coming up in 2013, and it seems like I will get my share of stuff to do. Which is good.…

2012 has been incredibly busy, and 2013 will apparently be even more crammed, what with RoleMaster, Nova Praxis and Traveller being among the systems featuring pix by yours truly.

In Germany, we are looking at the ... interesting situation of an upcoming 5th edition of SR with still some stuff for SR4 to be translated (SR 2050, f.e.). I'm curious how that will play out, and how the German team gets miracles done again this year :) (also, I am wondering if Tigger is crazy enough to plan/launch another "big" German book for release in autumn IN ADDITION to SR5).

So, interesting times are coming up, which I understand to be an ancient Chinese curse.

Seeya on the other side!

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Long time no post

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2012, 12:48 AM

Yes, it's been awhile, but I'm still alive and doing my stuff.

I have just finished doing one piece for the upcoming SHADOWRUN book "Clutch of Dragons", and there will also be some pieces (I think it were three) for "Hazard Pay", too (…).

Next up will be a single robot pic for TRAVELLER by 13Mann (, and afterwards I have a very small timeframe where my desk is empty, giving me the chance to FINALLY return my iMac to the shop so that they can fix/exchange the harddisk Apple botched last summer.

When I have my precioussss computer back, I expect to be hit by a wall of work from the German Chief Editor for SHADOWRUN that will keep me busy until the SPIEL game trade fair in Essen in October.

Oh, and if you meet any of the Catalyst Games guys, be sure to remind them that I want in on the SHADOWRUN 2050 book. This is going to be epic!

Yours truly,


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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 8, 2011, 3:45 AM
Moving to a new appartment with a desk full of jobs is ... challenging.

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Xmas approaching

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 1, 2010, 2:04 AM
Last jobs on my desk in 2010:

– 1 Shadowrun halfpage pic of MARIA MERCURIAL performing a song
– Several pieces of Shadowrun military hardware in an all-new presentation format
– Some German Shadowrun corporation logos
– Some German Urban Brawl team logos

Plans for 2011 include:

– GET NEW COMPUTER! :typerhappy:
– Keep working for SR (main project: Rhein-Ruhr Megaplex sourcebook), BL23C (print and video game), Traveller
– Finding some FANTASY comission pieces to do (I love SF, but I love fantasy, too) :spyedvsjark:
– Doing some non-RPG stuff for other publishers
– Doing more video game concept art

You have suggestions or requests? I'm listening :attila:

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... and happy about it. Next up: Some more monsters and robots for Battlelords, two more cover illustrations for OMEGA, and a whole friggin' bunch of SR stuff ...
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and swamped with work. Twuz great being away. Itz good to be back.
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I joined ranks with DeviantArt in 2005 after a much too long pause. Like many out there, I started doing art as soon as my fingers would close around a crayon. By luck, I wasn't too bad, and by yet more luck, my parents let me join a private art class in my little hometown of Riegelsberg, Saarland, Germany. I was seven I think. And I was thrilled. When we moved to West-Berlin in 1983 (GAWD how much I miss living in the eighties in West-Berlin – it was the best place to be on Earth, wild and trashy and incredibly spooky and weird and free) ... where was I? When we moved to West-Berlin in those f*cking good times I entered a new, more "professional" art class by Herbert Liebenau (great chap and great "old school" painter, that one). My skills grew, but I was young and foolish and thought that the world was my oyster and that the university of the arts in Berlin would welcome me with open arms. Well, it didn't. I tried to enter via art, then graphic & illustration, even as arts teacher, but got turned down again and again. So I did what most people would do: I dropped doing art and applied my skills to the great art of doing commercials and campaigns: I became a conceptioner and texter. Now don't get me wrong: I love my work. But between that and a lot of other stuff, I made the mistake of stopping what I actually enjoyed to do: doing artwork.

Long rant short: I'm back. Since 2005, I've done quite a lot of doodles, sketches, even some painiting in oil and acryl again – and I've finally got myself a Wacom graphic tablet.

I've done some professional artwork for publishers of roleplaying games, and new proposals keep coming in. No, it's not the big money, and I still keep my day job – which I like more than before – but "something's happening". And that is good.

And to anyone out there who once enjoyed doing artwork of whatever kind, but somehow, sometime has stopped pursuing this "hobby", I say: Don't be such the same fool I was. Get your *ss up and begin again!
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